Welcome on the website of the Cat Club Alsace Franche-Comté, association founded in 2016 gathering together enthusiasts of cats purebred or not.

Going through the various sections of the website you will find all documents likely to be useful (list of breeders members, forms, information about the club, about our next show, etc ...). Have a pleasant visit !

Latest news

26.11.2017 : Results of the show in Meyenheim are online.

28.05.2017 : Entries for Meyenheim are now open ! We look forward to seeing you there :-)

18.04.2017 : Our next cat show is planned for November 18-19th !

18.12.2016 : We are extremely happy to announce that during the EGM of FFF yesterday in Paris, the application of CCAFC to become a FFF member was accepted 6/6 votes ! The CAT CLUB ALSACE FRANCHE-COMTÉ becomes the 8th FIFe Cat Club in France (probatory year).

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